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No less than 6 Treloar wines in The Wine Advocate's Roussillon selection.

Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate, arguably still the world's more influential wine guide, has just published its 2018 selection of Roussillon wines.

Six of our wines featured in the report, more than any other winery in our Les Aspres appellation area and one of only 7 estates in the whole region to get high scores for so many of their wines.

It underlines my goal of not just making one expensive super-cuvee but to produce fabulous wines across the whole range, every vintage and at prices lower, sometimes by several factors, than competitors. It also highlighted that our wines are some of the most age-worthy in the region. The article can be read by subscribers to the Wine Advocate here but our scores are listed below. Tahi 2012 - 92 points

Le Maudit 2012 - 92 points

Le Secret 2013 - 92 points

Motus 2015 - 91 points

La Terre Promise 2016 - 91 points

Three Peaks 2015 - 89 points

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