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30/12/2015 It's been a great year!

This year has been a magnificent vintage for us.

We were singled out as the "Nouveau Talent" of the Roussillon by Revue du Vin de France, the country's most respected wine magazine.

Sales have been very strong throughout our network. Our UK sales have been the best ever thanks especially to Prohibition Wines in Muswell Hill, The Solent Cellar in Lymington and the addition of Lea and Sandeman in West London. Cambridge Wine Merchants remain our major UK outlet.

Loubaton Imports in New York hit the ground running and sold the first pallet in days. On the other side of the world, Maison Vauron have been doing a great job in New Zealand. In addition we've made little inroads into Switzerland, Catalunya, Poland and Slovakia.

The 2015 harvest was excellent. Thanks to more hard work in the vineyards and some investment in better equipment, our yields were up from an average of 18hl/ha to a far more respectable 32hl/ha and the quality of the wine in the cellar is perhaps the best I've ever seen. In addition we formed a partnership with a very passionate grower at Forca Réal further north in the Roussillon, from which we harvested some old-vine Macabeu and Mourvedre. This will allow us to produce more of our popular wines like Ciel Vide, One Block Grenache and Motus, which have been selling out way before the new vintages were ready.

So we're very excited about 2016.

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